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Mathematics education is the practice of teaching & learning mathematics It has developed into an extensive field of study with own concepts, theories and methods. Mathematics equations have attempted to achieve varieties of different objectives. These objectives have included.

The teaching of practical mathematics (arithmetic, & trigonometry) to most pupils to equip them to follow a trade or craft.

The teaching of heuristics & other problem solving strategies to solve non-routine problems etc.

Maths Quize

Maths quiz was conducted to all the students. The students are activity participated and the prizes have been given to winners.

Maths Club

Inaugurated on 26.04.2016 all the students are participated and they have asked questions on simple Maths and prizes have been given to winners.

Students Admitted

Course Admission Year Admitted
B.Ed. ENGLISH 2009-2010 23
2010-2011 21
2011-2012 15
2012-2013 18
2013-2014 36
2014-2015 25
2015-2017 7

Faculty Profile

Assistant Professor of Bishop NewBigin
Name Mrs.J.Vijila
Qualification M.Sc.,
Designation Assistant Professor in Mathematics

College Rank Holders

Name Academeic Year
A. Hemalatha 2013-2014
S.Backialakshmi 2014-2015

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