About Biology

At Department of Biology, you’ll find diverse disciplines, prestigious faculty with a breadth of experience in biological process, and next- generation resources and equipment here. We are committed to providing students with a broad exposure to biological process system and a deep experiential learning of biology at primary, high school, and higher secondary schools environments and day to day activities with green club association.


BorBy setting problem to students as assignments, the curriculum provides scope for flexibility & ensures innovation. Conduct of classroom, seminars, workshops, collection of plants, small projects etc., help to provide participatory approach and hemistich learning to enhance the creativity among the students.

Bio Science Club

Biology Club is in practice by conducting special days every year to provide heuristic approach to the prospective teachers like March 22nd World Water Day, April 7th World Health Day, April 22nd World Earth Day and June 5th World Environment Day with different theme.

Course Year Established
Biological Science 2009

Students Admitted

Course Admission Year Admitted
B.Ed. Biological Science 2009-2010 10
2010-2011 13
2011-2012 10
2012-2013 12
2013-2014 11
2014-2015 7
2015-2017 1
2016-2018 5
2017-2019 5
2018-2020 10

Faculty Profile

Principal of Bishop NewBigin
Name Dr.Mrs.V.REGINA
Qualification B.Sc (BOTANY), M.Sc (BOTANY),
M.Sc. Psychology.
Designation Principal & Associate Professor in Biological Science.


International Papers:

  • Regina V and K.M.Uma Rajan (2012) “Phytochemical analysis, antioxidant and antimicrobial studies of fruit rind of Couroupita guianensis (AUBL)” INTJ CURR SCI pg. 262-267. ISSN: 2250 -1770.
  • Regina V and K.M.Uma Rajan (2012) “Pharmacognostical, Preliminary phytochemical, GC-MS and docking analyses of fruit rind of Couroupita guianensis (AUBL)”INTJ CURR SCI. 3:101-107. ISSN: 2250-1770.
  • Regina V (2014) “Docking Analysis of Fruit Rind of Couroupita guianensis Aublet” AARJMD 19 (1):574-584.ISSN:2319-2801.
  • Regina V (2014) “Pharmacognostical Studies of Various Parts of Couroupita guianensis Aubl.” INT.J.CURR.RES.BIOSCI.PLANT BIOL. 1(3):17-26.ISSN:2349-8080.
  • Regina V and K.M.Uma Rajan (2014) “In-vitro assay for Cytotoxicity activity in ethonolic extract of Fruit rind of Couroupita guianensis Aubl”INT.J.CURR.MICROBIOL.APP.SCI. 3(10):169-176.ISSN:2319-7706.
  • Regina V and K.M.Uma Rajan( 2015) “Acute Toxic and Cytotoxic Studies of Ethanolic Extract of Fruit Rind of Couroupita guianensis” International Journal of Research Studies in Biosciences (IJRSB) Volume 3, Issue 10, PP 116-122 ISSN 2349-0357 (Print) & ISSN 2349-0365(on line).

National Papers:

  • Regina V (2018) “Pharmacological Studies on fruit rind of Couroupita guianensis” National Seminar (NCAPS) PPSRF-pp44.
  • Regina V(2015) “A Frame work for Refining Education for Sustainable Development Through Technology And Enhancing The Quality of Learning With Learners”National Seminar-Monograph.(NAAC)-(IQAC)Stella Matutina College of Education.
  • National Seminar on Instructional Efficiency to prepare the post Millennials for 2025.ISBN- 978-81-928689-3-6.
  • National Seminar on Impact of Education in Knowing the self and reaching the peak on 10-11-2018.ISBN-978-1-73107-115-6.
  • Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) two days National Seminar on Skill Development and Goal Setting Strategies for Urban and Rural Students.ISBN-978-93-5335-075-8


  • International Conference On MEDICINAL Plants And Herbal Drugs,4th-6th March2010.
  • International Conference On Impact Of Physical Science On Biology July7th-9th 2011.
  • International Conference On Biosciences Trends In Molecular Medicine 7th&8th Feb 2012.
  • International Conference On Eco-Conservation For Sustainable Development1st-3rdFeb2012.
  • Workshop On Research Methodology And Biostatistics 30th Sep-4th Oct.2011.
  • State Level Workshop On Research Methodology And Research From 15th-17th Feb 2012.
  • UGC Sponsored National Seminar On Statistics in Life Sciences. 25th Jan.2012.
  • National Seminar On Eco-Concern 2014.
  • National Seminar On Knowledge Creativity For Quality In Teacher Education 1-2nd Dec.2015.

Awards & Contribution in the field of Education:

1. Best Teacher Awardee in the School level during 2008-2009 in St.John’s International School,Palanjur,Poonamallee.

2. Dr.Radhakrishnan Award “ASIRIYAR SEMMAL” 2017, From Tamil araitchi institute,Mylapore.

3. “ABDUL KALAM IGNITES AWARD” 2017 FROM Lions Club Madras City.District 324-A5, CLUB NO: 71375.

4. Invited as a Guest Speaker for the Nazareth College of Education for Women to the IInd College Day celebrationon on 27/04/2018.

5. Invited to be the Resource Person to conduct in-service programme in Meston B.Ed. college on,”Science Teaching as on today’s requirements”on 31/7/2018.

6. 15 years of service as a PG Assistant in Botany in a various esteemed institutions and worked as Head of the Biology Department served as reviewer for Samacheer Kalvi.,Best Teacher Awardee and also 5 years of service as a Lecturer in various reputed colleges for UG and PG students, From 2012 till now producing teacher trainees.

7. Awarded First Prize in essay writing competition in Tamil.

8. United board for Christian higher education in Asia-To lead not to lead advanced higher education leadership seminar for south Asia-attended 18-22 April 2017 –Christ institute of management , lavasa, Pune

9. Attending periodical meeting in green school programme of CSI

10. One day conference on start policy and skill development for employment –an initiative by state universities 10 th July 2018 at Anna university Chennai

11. Building Christ communities towards a borderless consultation on education and empowerment on 19th and 20th july 2018

12. Resourse Person on the topic: Education Towards: overcoming Creed, Caste and Class.

13. Organised 5th International Eco-Conference on Greening the Globe for Sustainable living.-IEC-GGSL 2019-ISBN:978-93-5382-371-9.1st-4th August 2019.


  1. "A generative Design of Living"pg27-28(LS-22)Life Sciences.
  2. "Eco Justice"pg88-89(SS.6)Social Sciences.
  3. "The Architecture of Imperishable Churches and Sustainable Biome"pg84-85(SS-2)Social Sciences.

Contribution to Churches:

  • From 2004 till now coaching and taking remedial classes (Vocation class) for rural students in the municipality school and from 2014 till now resource person for human growth and development (Psychological aspects of children)-SSTTCC, Diocesan of Madras.
  • Chairperson in SCMI – North Tamil unit
  • Women’s auxiliary board convener in NMSI

Brief detail about the Laboratory

  • Biological Science Laboratory.
  • Museum-(5 Specimens)

List of Major Equipment:

  • Microscopes
  • Skeletal System
  • Aquarium
  • Terrarium
  • Vivarium
  • Specimens & Models.

College First Rank Holders

Name Academeic Year Score
Mrs.Sujitha 2015-2017 935/1150
Ms.s.Jeba Shalini 2009-2010 830/1000
Ms.Meha srinivasan 2010-2011 840/1000
Mrs.Philomena Selvakumari 2012-2013 852/1000
Mrs.Rajalakshmi 2013-2014 838/1000
Ms. Kalaivani 2014-2015 825/1000

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