NSS Activities

Programme Officer Mr.G.Gnanawilson
NSS Students in charge Mr.Jayakumar
Joint camp Secretary Ms.S.Keerthana

Day 1: 22.11.2019
Venue: Kannigapuram, Vysarpadi

Under the auspicious of the National service scheme of CSI BISHOP NEWBIGIN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION- The camp was blessed with participation of 78 students. It was conducted in “Kannigapuram Vyasarpadi” village. The Camp started at10.00 a.m. The welcome address given by Mr. G.Gnanawilson (Program Officer).

Activity 1: Dengue Awareness

Dengue awareness campaign, held at Aadhi Dravidar Primary School, Kannigapuram, Vysarpadi main motto of this campaign to spread awareness about dengue infection and how to prevent infection to proliferate.

Activity 2: Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation Programme was held at the same place at 11.00 a.m. the students are actively participated in the programme . We had planted various types of medicinal plants.

Activity 3: Clean India

The commencement of Clean India Green India campaign was also held at the same place. As a part of program the students of NSS initiated as sanitize the whole area with bleach powder.

Day 2: 26.11.2019

Activity 1: Road safety Awareness Campaign in College

A Road safety awareness campaign was conducted in our college campus for the students. Special guest speaker Mr.Azhagar Senthil who is the government representative for road safety initiatives gave valuable road safety tips and best practices to be followed while driving to our students.

Activity 2: Road Safety Awareness - Human Chain

Human Chain was held at Music academy Signal, Woodlands Signal, Yellow pages (Ajantha Signal). The Motto is to spread awareness about road safety. Our college students formed a human chain and held placards about road safety.

Day 3: 28.11.2019 - Swatch Bharath


On Behalf of the Prime Minister Scheme (Swatch Bharath) Students actively participated to clean the beach. By Pick –up biodegradable and Non- biodegradable waste separately.

Day 4: 03.12.2019

Activity : AIDS Awareness Programme.

This programme was held at our college CSI BISHOP NEWBIGIN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION. The campaign was started at10.30 a.m. Our chief guest Mrs. Bharani raised awareness on HIV and AIDS also explained the way of transmit, prevention and remedies to cure HIV positive and followed by Mrs. Geetha who is HIV positive gave her life history and inspired all the audience, she stood as a living example to all the students.

Day 5:14.12.2019

Activity : Campus Cleaning

A make your College cleans was organized in our College on 14.12.2019. Students started the campaign form their respective grounds. The Students drive throughout the College campus. Secondly the team volunteers went to their respective classrooms for the cleaning.

Day 6:17.12.2019

Activity : Visit to the Orphan “ANBAGAM”

This programme was held at Adayar (Anbagam). The campaign started at 10.30 am. Anbagam is an old aged home which is running under the direct vision of Rev.George Stephen sir currently it is being looked after by Rev.M.Chandrasekhar.Provisions were offered by our Students to the old aged home. Cultural programme such as singing, dancing were performed by our Students as a part of entertaining them old aged persons were also sing and dance. The Students visited the disabled old-aged people in their rooms and had casual talk with them overall it was a visit which made every student to think about their parents and take a voth to care for them throughout their life.

Day 7:23-12-2019

Activity : Clean Drinking water

Venue : Thiruporur ( sembakkam)

Clean drinking water to the poor middle school. We found in village middle school tiruporur (sembakam) small children suffered with unsafe drinking water, As a NSS of CSI Bishop Newbigin College of Education self financing unit sponsored bore well work and motor fitting system for drinking water to the Students. Now these children and their generation will not suffer with contaminated water.